The Title ' Trifles ' Essay

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The title “Trifles” itself is pretty self-explanatory. But if I were reading this for the first time on my own, I would expect that something really important is going to be revealed and it’s not going to look so good for that specific individual if someone were to find out about it. There are at least five main characters involved in this mysterious play the sheriff accompanied by his wife Mrs. Peters, the county attorney, Mr. Hale the farmer along with his wife. There were also characters who would pop up every so often in the beginning of the play who aided Mr. Hale and Mr. Peters introduced as Harry and deputy Frank. It all began with Mr. Hale wanting to start a telephone party line with Mr. Wright but he wasn’t buying it and thought it was a waste of time, so he went over to the Wright’s residence hoping that he could convince Mr. Wright that it wasn’t such a bad idea while his wife was present and thought maybe that could change his mind or it allow him to give it another thought. In addition, that’s when the entire play takes a twist and leaves everyone shocked with disbelief. Mr. Wright had been murdered with a rope tied to his neck. Mr. Hale described Mrs. Wright as being strange when he arrived and told him that he couldn’t talk to her husband because he is dead. The setting of the play takes place on a cold winter morning at a farmhouse owned by the Wright’s family. The main indication of “Trifles” is to find some kind of motive that would indicate that Minnie…

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