Essay on The Titans For The White House

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lash of the Titans for the White House The 2016 Presidential election has been one of the most

interesting election cycles in the American history. At the beginning of

the primary season, the Democrats offered two major candidates. One of

the candidates, Hillary Clinton, who was a former Senator from New

York and the Secretory of State under President Barack Obama.

However, Bernie Sanders since 2007 and the longest-serving independent

in the U.S. Congressional history, continued his campaign even after it

was clear that he would not be able to gather enough delegates for

nomination. Clinton’s delegate lead made her presumptive Democratic

candidate. On the other hand, Republicans top candidates were

non-politicians Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Trump pulled ahead of his

rivals and got maximum support which made his rivals to take step from

the race. Later, Trump was declared as the de-facto Republican nominee.

An election pitting Clinton against Trump was very interesting and

vicious. This was interesting because until the election, they were not

rivals. For example, they were attending social functions together,

Clinton even attended Trump’s most recent wedding. However, after

elected as the potential candidates, the scenario was completely opposite.

They both had criticized openly and raised the questions on each other’s

qualifications for the presidency during the election campaigns. On

November 8, 2016, these two…

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