The Tips Of Leadership In Dead Poets Society

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Every minute of every day we are exposed to some form of leadership, whether it be in a newspaper clipping about the presidential election, or on a famous pop star’s Twitter feed, leadership is prominent among a multitude of platforms in our society. In class we have learned about leadership through our understanding of articles like, “The Enemies of Trust” by Galford & Seibold Drapeau, and also through the classic leadership book, On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis. Through these lenses we have seen various different perspectives on how to become an effective leader, as well as what to watch out for once you have achieved this leadership. These steps and tips are very useful, but not always entirely applicable to our everyday lives. One …show more content…
We first dove into the detail of each film, noting some of the more specific takeaways from the lead characters. We identified that John Keating in Dead Poet’s Society had an especially groundbreaking authentic leadership style. We then discussed how Forrest in Forrest Gump had the ability to inspire those around him in a way we never considered before. Through our viewing of Gladiator we learned that Maximus cuts through chaos without a shadow of a doubt. Finally, we saw how Captain Phillips was able to operate on his keen and selective instinct to make quick and calculated decisions. The film’s main characters differ in their approach to leadership and how they dealt with challenging situations, but at the end of every movie the themes were parallel: in some shape or form each leader was able to consistently display an authentic style, inspire others, deal with conflict, and operate on instinct. We were able to draw comparisons and contrasting examples for these themes but ultimately we felt they were the most prevalent motifs across the four films. Through our exploration and conversation of these films, it is evident that although each movie tells a different story with its own plot twists and diversities, the underlying leadership elements are quite

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