The Times Of Trials : A Comparative Essay

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Times of Trials: A Comparative Essay Although Beloved by Toni Morrison and As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner were written in different time periods, they explore common themes. In As I Lay Dying we encounter the Bundrens through the trials they experience as they go on a trip to deliver Addie Bundren 's casket to a town known as Jefferson. Similarly, in Beloved we meet a women named Sethe and learn about her through the struggles she experiences both as a slave and a freed woman, and how this affects her relationships and life. Both authors use stream of consciousness among multiple narrators to convey each character 's individual struggles; showing us that each character 's experience affect them on different psychological levels based on the way they experience the difficult trials brought about by daily life. They channel the characters true personalities through the theme to give the readers an inside look into the character 's minds. Particularly this becomes evident through the Bundrens in As I Lay Dying when they do not acknowledge the death of Addie. The family decides to turn the other cheek and go on about their lives around the dying Addie as “if [they] were deaf [they] could watch her face and hear him, see him” (Faulkner, 8). This supports the idea that people gain the ability to become deaf to the harsh realities of the world that surrounds them. The Bundrens have a difficult time of accepting the death of the women who was the glue that held them…

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