Essay on The Time Traveler 's Wife By Audrey Niffenegger

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2. Foreshadowing- In this beginning section of the novel, the story foreshadows that Clare will spend her whole life waiting just like she did in this first part of the novel. She would go through her life waiting until she saw him again.
3. Summary-
Book one is Part One of the novel, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. In this beginning section of the book, Clare and Henry’s love story unfolds. We learn of the couples twisted relationship and different meetings throughout the years. Time plays an important role in this first section as I believe it will later in the novel as well. The novel begins with Clare and Henry meeting at the Newberry Library in Chicago. She is 20 while he is 28. They sleep together and she confesses to him that she knows of his time traveling and how they have met before. We learn that she was six when she met him and he was an adult. They meet many times throughout Clare’s adolescence. As time passes and Clare gets older, she introduces Henry to her family and close friends. Afterwards, he confesses his love and proposes. Unfortunately, Henry flashes into the future on the day of their wedding and has to witness the wedding as a 38 year old.
4. Questions-
• How does he flash back to when he wasn’t born?
• How does he flash back to when he was 15, at the age of 15?
• Is there any way he can stop time traveling?
• How are they both at current times?
• Why does he flashback sometimes when he isn’t in danger or stress?
5. Quote…

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