The Time Period Of The Dark Ages Essay

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Document A
1. What time period does The American Cyclopaedia use to explain the “Dark Ages?”
The time period of the Dark Ages is a period of dark and sadness, and depression in how time was. Europe from the making of the fifth century, and learning about the beginning of time.

2. Does “intellectual depression” refer to the people of the “Dark Ages” or historical knowledge of the time? The depression is a time when historical things are overlooked. The time period that was between the great advantages was not the greatest historians.

3. Does this definition resemble more the original meaning of the “Dark Ages” or the meaning it gained over time?
The definition that shows the meaning of the “Dark Ages” is something that deals with the culture and religion. The meaning of it gaining overtime meant that they were understanding how it was effecting the people.
Document B
1. How did religion influence the Magna Carta?
The religion that affected the Magma Carter was how it stated that all churches were to be stopped. The king wanted to stop all of this and teach the people about Heaven if the Catholic Church believed that they were acceptable to be invited into the Holy Sacred Place.

2. How did the Magna Carta limit the power of King John?
The Magma Carta
The Magna Carta was limiting the power of King John because it was set, the King could not change because the King wanted to do all of these things with money and power that the Magna Carta was limiting him to do that.…

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