Essay on The Time Of Reckoning Is Close At Hand

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“The time of reckoning is close at hand.” The scent of liver and onions lingered on the breath of Barney Gibson as he spoke in the common room of North Shell Point Retirement Community. It was a tradition after dinner on Saturday evenings for the few friends to gather in identical looking seafoam armchairs and chat over tea and finger cookies. The walls of the room were composed of paperback books with tattered covers and in the center of the room was an electric burning fireplace with the initials NSP engraved over it. Tonight, Barney and his wife, Helen, along with Mortimer and his wife, Edi, occupied the chairs. Most nights they discussed what would be served for lunch the next day, great feats of their youth, or which of their North Shell Point peers would be next to have a funeral. But one topic guaranteed to emerge at least once during the evening and consume most of the conversation was regarding the youths of the town. “The future I see is not one I want to be a part of,” Barney muttered through his hazel stained teeth. “Just the other day, I took the shuttle to the store and do you know what I saw?” Helen chimed into the chatter. “What?” questioned Edi with great wide blue eyes. “I saw a teen boy pull out a gallon of milk, open it, take a drink, and then put it back on the shelf — walked away like nothing happened,” Helen explained as the other three gasped in the usual fashion. “And Tuesday, I was reading the local newspaper and came…

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