The Tide Of Sentiment On The Southern Way Of Life Essay

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The tide of sentiment southerns carried towards their “Southern way of life” changed around 1831. Instead of offering apologies in response to the system of slavery, which in the past they described as a “necessary evil” forced upon them, the South instead started a vehement defense of their practices. The protective feeling over the southern lifestyle was an outcome of a decade of calls for the immediate abolition of slaves, the horrid accounts of slave mistreatment, and uprisings from the slave population. From many angles the south was receiving the message that they were immoral and times were changing. This insulted their self belief of benevolence and “Paternalism,” while simultaneously insinuating their Agrarian lifestyle was less worthy than their northern counterparts. The south 's decision to cede from the Union was an attempt, bridled in fear, to hold on to the whole southern society, which they felt was attacked and in danger of being disrupted. Instead of perhaps realizing change was needed and the criticism may have merit, the South decided to go over the top in their defense of slavery and southern life with their secession. William Lloyd Garrison was a pivotal character in the abolition movement, calling for immediate and unconditional end to slavery through his publication of the Liberator. He changed the tone in the talk of abolition, he was forceful, uncompromising, and committed to morally disgracing those who supported slaves but more importantly those…

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