The Tibyan Analysis

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Abd Allah B. Buluggin memoir the Tibyan gives a historical account of the Iberian Peninsula under Islamic rule. During the Islamic era considerable amount of text produced about the land and history was destroyed or lost. Therefore making the Tibyan one of the best account of history of that era, it covers the history following the Ibn Hayyan’s era, events and developments from the 5th/11th century, in addition it gives perspectives of a Taifa prince and a Berber prince. Nonetheless, the Tibyan is a memoir of Abd Allah B. Buluggin therefore makes it opinionated and making the Zirid dynasty virtues in the beholder eye since I is written by a Zirid. When Abd Allah was writing the Tibyan, he was sent to exile in Morocco, therefore ending his family …show more content…
Arabic was the main spoken language among the people that lived under the Islamic rule. Abd Allah decision to incorporate lines from the Quran, the Muslim holy book was strategic. Abd Allah writes “And if thou ask them who created them, they will surely say: God” (Tibi 36). By incorporating verses from the Quran, it made the Tibyan seem more appealing to Muslim. People under a religious rule tend to be religious therefore when a Muslim reader were to read the Tibyan they would feel that the author is a man of god and they would take note of what he says. Abd Allah uses multiple quotes from the Quran on many of his pages, to reinforce the religious aspect of his writing and to appeal to his readers. A Muslim person who would read this would not disagree with any of Abd Allah statements about religious matters since they have the same religious views. The Iberian Peninsula is a convivencia society making it a mix of Jews, Christians and Muslims. However, Abd Allah only incorporated the Quran and not the Bible or the Torah because under the Islamic rule there was a hierarchy of people based on religion. Muslims were viewed above all other religion since they followed Islam the religion of the land. By only choosing the Quran Abd Allah gained favor from the higher ranked and dominating people of his former …show more content…
He had done so by controlling what was incorporated in the Tibyan to ensure that his family was viewed in a picture perfect manner. He incorporated quotes from the holy book the Quran to appeal to the Islamic people of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, to picking and excluding, which historian events get recorded to ensure that his family always looks respectable. When a dynasty falls people begin to question what the dynasty did erroneous to be fallen. Some people of Granada viewed the Zirid dynasty as an unsuccessful because of the unfair taxes they had to pay. When the dynasty had fell Abd Allah still held a positive view since he believed he was a good leader because he never shed blood of the innocence, committed no offence against God’s laws, in addition to laying a unlawful hand on someone’s property (Tibi 98). Abd Allah justifies his actions, as well by saying how he wanted to seek help from Alphonso, but could not because of religious reasons, if the Christian failed he would have been put to death or if they won he would become a puppet. Therefore it was in everyone best interest for Abd Allah to surrender. By incorporating this into the Tibyan he gains sympathy and gives reasoning for his surrender. Furthermore, Abd Allah was worried of his family name to ensure it was held to high standards he took matters into his own

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