The Thrill That Only A Passion Essay

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Why I Write The thrill that only a passion can give you is an inspiration that strives any individual. The thrill of writing is a key inspiration to hold onto; this is especially true for writers. The personalization that writing offers to an individual is the heart of writers. At least, that’s how it is for me. I write for many reasons, and some that dig digger than I care to dwell upon. I would personally describe writing as a roller coaster; throughout the process of writing, there are many ups and downs. However, I believe that the ride is worth it all. I find that I write for three main reasons; I write because I feel inspired, to explore different topics, and to simply because I feel a passion to do so. Writing is a talent that not everyone possesses, and it can go away with time. I choose to practice this talent that I have been given because I truly feel inspired to do so. I would even say that I love to write; I often feel at ease when I am writing. I enjoy telling stores; I always have. The stories I tell can be true, or of falsehood, but they intrigue me in a way that nothing else has. Writing offers me a window of so many possibilities, and realities, that I could write for days on end. Much of my inspiration to write comes from external sources. An example of this would be me writing another individuals personal experience. I actually have had a handful of individuals ask me to write his, or hers, experiences. I’ve noticed that writing, and even reading,…

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