The Thrill Of The Hunt, And The Buck Essay

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Its was a chilly, wind gusting day. Sitting in the dark waiting for the thrill of a lifetime to arrive. I can hear something crunching the leaves, walking right down the steep hillside. All I can is the deer that could be heading my way. That was the moment before the big buck, it was exhilarating to me because of the tradition the my family tradition, the thrill of the hunt, and the buck I was about to take. Many tradition take place often, but mine only happens one month out of a year November. November is the month that deer season starts with both bow and rifle. Hunting takes a lot of planning and patients. The place I hunt at is near Lamar, Missouri, but last year was the best by far. During bow season I took down a doe and rifle season I a large 250 pound ginormous deer. My family has been hunting in the same location for over twentyfive years. Fifteen to twenty family member use to hunt in this location, but this has reduced and is now just my uncle, dad, and I. Every year we head to lamar a week early to sight in our guns and make last minute adjustments on the trees stands. That next weekend is when things start to get serious. We live in a cabin that has no electricity, no heat or a/c, and on top of that no running water. When a deer is killed we have a tradition of tracking it, skinning it, and then packaging it. The next thing is if you are eighteen or older you take a shot of southern comfort. As the southern comfort goes down your throat it feels like a 100…

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