The Three Wiggin Siblingss: The Characters Of Ender's Game

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Ender’s Game has several gripping characters that largely contribute to the story. The three Wiggin siblings are like the three bears from Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Peter is like the father bear; his personality is too hard, just like the father bear’s bed. Valentine is like the mother bear; her personality is too soft, just like the mother bear’s bed. Then there was Ender. He is like the baby bear; having everything be just right. However, you couldn’t have a respectable story without any one of these three characters. Though, I felt that Ender’s Game would simply not be the same without Ender’s sister, Valentine Wiggin.
Ender’s older brother, Peter, was extremely violent and harsh, and would direct his nastiness towards Ender. Ender
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Peter wanted her to do this to help him change some world views and take control of the world, but without Valentine, he couldn’t have done that. Thus, the world views would have probably stayed the same. She writes under the pseudonym of Demosthenes. She was the motivation for Ender, and he was occasionally the motivation for her. For example, after she wrote the letter for Ender, she published a “scathing denunciation of the population laws”, which restricted most families to only two children. Card then says that she wrote it for Ender, who was a Third child. Her writings caught the attention of countless people throughout the world, including some that were of a rather high profile. The author did this to show that the Wiggin children were in control of both space and the Earth, but neither could have been accomplished without Valentine. Her intelligence allowed her to make some very persuasive arguments. Her columns eventually become more influential than Peter’s. Later on, she also started to publish several volumes on the history of the Bugger Wars. Afterwards, she traveled the galaxy with Ender to colonize other planets, which is just like what she wrote about as Demosthenes. Basically, if she hadn’t written the columns as Demosthenes or started the history of the Bugger Wars, she and Ender probably wouldn’t have been able to travel together, which is what finally …show more content…
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