The Three Values Of A Sustainable Environment

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Nowadays, humans are over consuming not only renewable resources, but also non-renewable resources without control. The world has become unsustainable since people’s bad habits are depleting the natural resources much faster than nature can form them, and also government laws are not strict enough to stop industries in degrading the environment by overproducing their products. It is important to create awareness for the future generations by emphasizing how important is to adopt the three high value priorities which are recycle, reduce and reuse to have a sustainable environment and apply them constantly. I based my project on these three values as the main purpose to make a difference in this unsustainable world. I participated in the Columbus Service Day, where volunteers went to different places to help not only the community, but also the environment. My project was …show more content…
The problem is that the current economic system in the world is unsustainable, and it is looking to be more sustainable without an economic failure (Miller, G. Tyler, and Scott Spoolman, 2012). There are several options that could be applied to companies or institutions in order to protect the environment such as subsidies, external costs on goods and services, and taxes on pollution and wastes.
Subsidies can be harmful or beneficial to the environment. It can be harmful to the environment because sometimes companies try to get as many subsidies as they can to be more competitive in the market. In other words, industries try to get subsidies and tax breaks that allow them to make profits while offering cheaper prices than their competitors. On the other hand, subsides can be beneficial to the environment because companies that produce ecological products can maintain a lower price in the market. Therefore, they are competitive and people can purchase products that prevent pollution and

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