The Three Types Of Oppression In Black Women's Studies

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Out of all groups of people distinguished by race and gender, black women are the most oppressed and face the most discrimination in our white male dominated society. The struggles of which black women face has been present for centuries and has only recently become a more talked about topic in general discussion. Black women have had a long history of oppression and while at least now the subject is being addressed more many women of color face oppression and discrimination, both racist and sexist, everyday. While black women face a great oppression each day in their lives, that oppression can be separated into different types of oppression. There are three types of oppression which are known as triple oppression in Black Women’s Studies …show more content…
While many other demographics face racism as well, black women are confronted with it in the feminist movement and Women’s Studies, a movement founded on the advancement of women in society but which continues to disregard the needs of black women and focuses primarily on the plights of white women. At the beginning of the women’s rights movement, many women of color were at the forefront of social change and the embetterment of women’s lives and status(Hill-Collins, pg. 213-214). However, the current Eurocentric ideology of Women’s Studies and the feminist movement are likely a result of the increased involvement of white, middle class women during the 1950’s, who did not have to work as much as their black counterparts and could thus devote more time and money to social change and reform, albeit in their best interests(Hill-Collins, pg. 214-215). As a result, not only did Women’s Studies and the feminist movement as a whole become inherently racist, but also classist as it catered to the needs of middle class women rather than those at a lower economic standing. And thus, black women were unable to find solace in a movement which they considered themselves a part of and helped

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