The Three Sisters By Anton Chekhov Essay

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The Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov, is a play about an upper class family living in a small, unnamed town in Russia after. The three sisters:Irina, Masha and Olga and their brother, Andrey. want to move to Moscow where they think life will be better, but never do. Their lives slowly fall apart throughout the play . Andrey marries a woman of a lower class and gives up on his dream to be a professor. Masha hates her husband to the point where she is unfaithful to him when she falls in love with someone else him. Olga wants desperately to be married and doesn’t like her teaching job because it is stressful. And Irina gives up on having the life she wants to have because it does not happen as easily as she expected it to. The play begins with Irina having just turned twenty. She only sees the good in the world and is full of hope for her future. However, as the play progresses, she slowly begins to lose hope and give up on her dreams of finding love and moving to Moscow. In act I, Irina is still an innocent young woman who sees the good in things. The sisters are talking about going to Moscow when Irina says, “I don’t know why I’m so happy: I remembered this morning that it was my name-day, and I suddenly felt glad and remembered my childhood, when mother was still with us. What beautiful thoughts I had, what thoughts!” (Chekhov 2). She is still innocent, like a child. She is happy and unjaded because she has not yet experienced many hard things in life. However, this changes…

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