The Three Reasons Of Lying

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Lying: 3 Reasons Why

Sometimes it feels as though we are constantly surrounded by people who refuse to be truthful. It seems as though lying has become a part of everyday life, a necessity to move through life. When someone you know lies, it fashions feelings similar to betrayal, disloyalty, and a lot of the time, sadness. Understanding why people lie is a tool used to cope with the pain of being lied to. Lying is what some people consider to be a part of human nature. Some researchers say that lies are socially and ethically necessary, but this is not always the case, sometimes lies just happen. There is more than one reason for why people lie; they lie out of fear, to manipulate, and because of pride. All of these lies don’t just hurt relationships
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there is an internal world composed of beliefs, fantasies, and perceived realities, and there is an external world of shared beliefs, or “reality”... we lie if we deceive others as to what we believe in our personal internal world, or we engage in self-deception if we distort or change information as it passes from the external world into the internal world... lying, self-deception, and the assessment of reality are closely related to one another.” (p. xii, Ford). “Self-deception” is a term described as the action of allowing oneself to believe that a false feeling, idea, or situation is true. Self-deception is an underlying People fear the unknown and make up their own “reality” with everything that they know and understand, excluded all the things that they don’t. There is more than just one underlying reason as to why people lie, there are multiple excuses that humans have created in order to justify their …show more content…
One reason for people lying is for them to protect themselves from getting hurt, just like Mary tried to protect herself from the truth that her mother tried to kill her family. Lies told for the sake of protection can leave the person who is lying can leave someone feeling upset or distraught towards themselves, because they are unable to be the strong and real individual they are meant to be. The subconscious mind can be programmed by repetition to believe something that is completely false. Mary is a perfect example of this in her repetition of the lie that her mother loves her family and would never intentionally hurt them. This deception helps Mary to avoid embarrassment, negative judgment, and helps her to maintain the artificial image that she has created around her

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