The Three Pillars Of Security Essay

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The Three Pillars of Security

When it comes to security of information there are three distinct levels involved in the protection of corporate information. In this paper, I will be examining each of these three levels of security, providing an example for each. The first and possibly the most noticeable is physical security, also known as enterprise security. The next level necessary in an organization is information security or managerial security. The third level of security is information technology, (IT), security. The insurance of information security in a business requires all three levels of individual security to regulate and control access to the information an organization considers valuable. Initially when thinking about information security systems most people consider security online or defences against hackers, but his is not always the case. Facility security is just as important; security guards and physical restrictions of access are a first line of defence to theft. Well trained security personnel can recognize what looks out of place, when someone is where they do not belong or acting suspiciously. Locked doors and access passes control who has physical access to areas where information can be obtained (National Center for Education Statistics, n.d.). Recently the Office of Child Support Enforcement in Olympia, Washington was burglarized. The thieves made off with a laptop and two hard drives containing the personal information of more than…

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