The Three Pigs: A Short Story

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After the pigs went through two houses and were freed from the wolf, they wound up living with the oldest and the wisest pig, in the brick house, the one that didn’t blow down.
Being the oldest of the three he thought it was tough always having to take care of his brothers, they were starting to become a nuisance and it was time for them to go.
That day the three little pigs set out on an adventure to find one spot where they could build them a well structured house, one that wouldn’t get blown down. When the two brothers finally picked out their spot after complaining over and over exclaiming to the oldest pig, “were too close to the timber, the hill isn’t tall enough, I can hear the wolves from here,” they thought this was their best option.
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The pigs had yet to discover there was a trap waiting for them. This wasn’t any ordinary trap, the wolf had something else in mind. When the pigs were close enough to where they couldn’t escape, the wolf jumped out from behind the pigs and started howling as the pigs squealed in fright. Something was different this time then the other times when the tretourous wolf came to their houses, when he howled the howl was warming. The pigs were confused, unsure of what was going on and the wolf started to say something when he was cut off by louder howls of wolves. The howls kept appearing to get louder and louder, then within the darkness of the night peers eyes everywhere surrounding the pigs. Maybe this was the wolf’s chance to finally do something right and help save the pigs. The wolf had switched sides he joined the pigs and as the pigs squealed away in fright the wolf was trying to talk with the wolves howling away at them and then something happened the wolves ran off. The squealing stopped. How could this happen the pigs thought, why would the wolf do that for them? As the pigs and the wolf started talking and getting to know each other better the pigs had realized that the big bad wolf had

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