Essay about The Three Periods Of American Labor Laws History

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Question #1
Among the three periods of American Labor Laws history, the period extending from 1935 to1947 is more preferable over the one preceding 1930s and the one succeeding 1947 and extending to the present. . This is the period characterized by increased government and institutional support for improved labor laws and formation of strong and independent trade unions and worker organizations. The period differs from that preceding the 1930s in which trade unions and worker organizations were suppressed largely in support for the employers. It also differs from that extending from 1947 to the present which moves towards discouraging organized labor in view that labor is a commodity traded like any other product and service in the free market. The main advantage of the 1935-1947 period of American labor laws history over the rest two lies in the characteristic support and encouragement for the formation of and involvement in trade unions and worker organizations. Trade unions have, over their history, played a significant role in lobbying for recognition of labor as a service rendered to the employer by the employee (Tomlins, 2013). In the contemporary working environment, workers are always subject to the employers’ terms and conditions which may, without the existence of interventional forces such as workers’ unions and organizations, serve to exploit the worker at the benefit of the employer. Organized labor system, which is manifested in the existence of robust and…

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