The Three Most Important Virtues Essay

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The Three Most Important Virtues

The most important virtues might be different from people to people because we are raised in different culture and family and are influenced a lot from the whole society. Some people might think show mercy is a good virtue, while some peope might feel that it’s ordinary and it cannot be called a “virtue”. The three most important virtues that I appreciate are honest, empathy and thinking in other people’s view. This article might only reflect my plain point of view, which is influenced mostly by Chinese culture.

Honest, might be everyone’s number one valued virtue, is the hardest virtue that people can actually obey or accept it sometimes. There is an old saying goes in China, “Good advice is harsh
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But under certain circumstances, honest is not the way out. When people tell a lie out of a good will or intent to avoid to tell the truth as a better solution, honest become less important.

So between white lies and 100 percent honest, there is one thing we need to considerate – empathy. Empathy is the ability to share another person's feelings and emotions as if they were your own. There is another famous old saying in China, saying that “before doing or saying anything, you have to think about it for three times”. You have to think about whether you are doing the right thing and doing it in the right way and whether your behavior has the right effect on other people. If the thing you do will hurt other people’s feeling, you might not doing it right. I have heard about a story that long time ago, one happy family had a baby. In the baby shower, every guests had to say something about the baby. Almost every guest say that the baby will become smart as he grows up or have a promising future, except one person said that the baby will died one day. The story is intent to tell us that nowadays honest people become unwelcomed. But I think the honest guest picked a wrong situation to speak the truth and did not care about the family’s feeling at all so that he was not welcomed. Obviously, the honesty, which is not based on empathy, is sometimes wrong and unwelcomed. I still remember my dad’s teaching method

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