The Three Most Important Characteristics Of Friendship

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Friendship has many meanings. It 's what you make out of it. For instance, one’s definition of friendship maybe having a person on whom you can rely and who is always there for you no matter what. An example of an important quality in a friend would be someone who can brighten your day even when you 're at your worst. In having a friend who can brighten your day, you know that you will always have someone there in which you can call to come and cheer you up. To have a secure friendship, the three most important qualities include honesty, trust, and being good company for one another. It you have a friend with those qualities, your friendship will last a lifetime.
For some people, honesty may be the first most important part of friendship because it helps friendships work by making the relationship stronger. By being honest with a friend, you can help them make decisions, and it helps you be more open with one another unlike if you were in a friendship where you were not able to be honest with a friend and had to keep to yourself. Just think about it this way, what if you were getting married but your spouse was marrying you for the wrong intentions, and your “friend” just
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As people go through life they experience many things, that may or may not be good. In many situations good or bad having a friend by your side can be helpful. Like when dealing with a relationship break up. For some people its really hard to deal with a break up especially when it was a long lasting relationship; having good company by there side is often comforting. You feel less lonely and helps you get things off your mind. So as you can see there are many qualities that make a secure friendship, but there only enough time to list a few before people start to stop paying

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