The Three Major Sects Of Christianity Essays

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1) Compare and contrast the three major sects of Christianity (Catholicism, Protestantism, and Eastern Orthodox); include comments regarding when and how they originated and differences in belief, dogma, and practices. Christianity was officially recognized as a religion in 380 BCE, and was “one” religion until 1054 CE when the Great Schism occurred, thus separating Christianity into the Eastern and Western Orthodox sects. After 463 years, in 1517 CE, Martin Luther released the 95 theses that were against the practices and beliefs followed at that time in the Catholic Church. Protestantism is characterized by belief in the supremacy of the Bible and defiance of the Pope as the sole authority of Christians. In particular, Martin Luther was against the practice of selling of indulgences that were done to raise money for the construction of St. Peters Basilica. He also rejected the papal supremacy and put forward infallibility of the Bible. Protestantism is the concept of the "Sola Scriptura," this doctrine asserts that the word of God alone can be clearly understood and interpreted by the individual believer and is sufficient on its own to be the final authority in Christian doctrine. All three sects follow the twenty-seven books of the New Testament, but Protestantism rejects the deuterocanonical. Eastern Orthodox argues that the Holy Scriptures along with Holy Tradition are of equal value and importance. On the other hand, though the Bible is revered and…

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