Problems In William Shakespeare's Othello

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While reading Othello there are three major problems that stands out as being all around wrong in anybody life. Those three things are there is too much plotting against each other, people are not telling the truth and the killing of innocent people. The play starts out with too much drama. Roderigo is mad because he wanted to marry Desdemona. He just did not move fast enough before he knew she was marrying Othello. Roderigo was very rich and this made his go beyond his means to win Desdemona back. This is where the plotting begins. It is not always a good idea to plot against a person because it might not turn out the way the person wants. The second plotting comes from Iago. Iago was a soldier in Othello’s army. Iago was mad because
Othello did not take the time to
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Lago knew this was going to cause trouble with Othello. So the first plot is working successful but at what cost. Cassio has lost his job and his dignity, This is not a good thing to do to a person because it just might backfire on the person that plan the plot. In Lagos mind things are going just the way he wanted it to go. So he continues on with his second part of the plot. The second part is to make Othello and Desdemona marriage fall apart.
All through the play telling the truth is not a good thing. This play is based on lies. Once a lie is set into place no one can change it. When Othello thought his wife was cheating on him there was no way the truth could had been told. If the truth would had came out in this play the whole play would have ended different. When the truth is told life becomes much more pleasant. Even though Desdemona knew the truth. She could not get her husband to believe her.. Lago knew that he needed something of Desdemona to make her husband believe him over her. Lago was a genius at planning this plot. He gets Emilia to give him Desdemona's handkerchief. Then he makes sure that the handkerchief is in Cassio's room. This plot is built on nothing but lies

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