The Three Major Causes Of The Civil War

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The second major conflict that led some slave states to secede from the Union are economic growth, differences of belief on slavery and federal government. In the nineteenth century, the United States was go through a big economic growth that caused a conflict amongst the Northern and Southern states. The North was focused on building industries and committed to free labor and immigration. The North’s efforts to creating an industrial economy prohibited slavery in some states and the plan for a stronger federal government led the South further and further from the North. The South built there economy around farming cotton and slave labor. The support of a less powerful federal government allowed the South to use slavery. The beliefs of the South led some slave states to secede from the Union because they felt the North was destroying their culture with Industrial progress and abolitionist movement. …show more content…
In the period of the Civil War conflict between the states was mainly about the establishment of slavery and if the federal government had the right to get rid of or legalize slavery within an individual state. The North believed that the expansion of slavery should stay within its existing borders and not into the westward lands conquered during the westward expansion. The South saw the westward land as an opportunity to grow their plantations and to bring along their slaves. However the North believed that the expansion of slavery went against their rights and that the Congress only resented slavery when it affected their economic

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