The Three Key Concepts Of Learning Essay

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An Article Review of the Three Key Concepts of learning in "Me and my computer": Emotional factors in online learning” by Reilly, J. R., Gallagher-Lepak, S., & Killion, C.

The article by Reilly et al (2102) defines three concepts of learning that are involved with educational environments that involve computer technology and a virtual online classroom interaction for nurses. The first of these methods of learning involve the examination of “affective learning” as a major concept in the motive ways in which students interact with instructors in the study. The study defined the various findings that certain students were “motivated” by online courses because they helped them feel a sense of security in their own homes, as well as finding it more comfortable to work alone and have anonymity in an online setting:
Anonymity in online learning created benefits for introverted learners: “I am normally very shy in a live situation. I’m better on the telephone and typewriter (Reilly et al, 2012, p.102).
In this manner, the concept of affective learning defines the motivations of the students that enjoyed working alone in an online setting versus those that did not like working in an online setting. Nevertheless, the author’s of this study relied heavily on affective domain as the primary course for studying the behavior patterns of the students. The second aspect of Reilly et al’s (2012) article defines the importance of non-verbal communication as major concept of processing new…

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