The Three Faces Of Eve Essay

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Eve White was a married woman who suffered from a mental illness called Multiple Personality Disorder also known as, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). In the early stages of her condition, Eve had not yet understand what was happening. She suffered from severe headaches and time lapse, and not remembering what had happened. Before the 1950s there had not been many cases of this mental illness, but then the numbers began to rise.
Although there was a case study of DID as early as 1906, movies about DID first became well known in the United States since the 1950s. The 1953 movie The Three Faces of Eve tells the story of Chris Sizemore, a real-life woman with the disorder. She was thought to develop DID in reaction to witnessing several terrible accidents at a young age. (Edwards) Eve had three distinct personalities Eve White, Eve Black, and Jane, all having their own characteristics and habits. Eve White was shy and quiet, Eve Black was playful, drank, and flirted with many men. Jane was the last personality to emerge, she was more down to Earth and realistic. The portrayal did indeed meet the criteria for this mental illness. Her initial symptoms were how her personalities got through and transitioned. Eve would exhibit transitions between identities and at first was not aware of other persona. Typical symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder include: two or more distinctive personalities, gaps in personal history, transitions between identities, and being unaware of…

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