Essay The Three Elements Of Initiation

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According to the definition “sanctification” is a translation of the Greek word hagiasmos, meaning “holiness” or “a separation.”I found this definition online where I don’t own or take part of this definition. Reason I had to define the word sanctification I wanted to know the origin and where the word comes from. God has granted us justification, positional holiness in Christ. Currently he tries to guides us into maturity and progressive holiness. In the future God will give us glorification leading to ultimate holiness. A bible versus that contain the message that can help us understand what He want is is Phil 2;13 where it mentions“You are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption”
Salvation on page 189 of our textbook it mentions in order for someone to seek salvation you need the four elements of initiation . Those are said to be repentance, faith , baptism, receiving the spirit. The examples that are bible demonstrate are those who were saved without one or the other of these listed below, the example that the book mentions are the thief on the cross , when he said “ Jesus , remember me when you come into your kingdom “ and he said to him “ Truly, I say to you , today you will be with me in paradise” ( Luke 23:42-43). Reason I use this example was most Christians believe you must be baptized in order to seek salvation, Yes its true but Jesus accepted this man because he truly repent of all his sins . In the…

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