Diet Analysis Reflection

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During the three-day diet analysis I found out that my diet lacks some important nutrients. Under the micronutrients bar graph I lack important vitamins, such as, vitamin A, B1, B2, D, E, and folate. A couple of these nutrients were close to the personal goal of 66% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance like vitamin B1, and B2. However, there were also a few vitamins that were lower than the Recommended Dietary Allowance, such as, vitamin A, D, E, and folate. Some food sources that I can add to my diet to increase vitamin A can be some carrots, and dark green vegetables. I can add milk to my diet to increase the vitamin D, and vitamin B1 intake. A great way to make sure that I add these vitamins to my diet can include adding a glass of milk with my breakfast, and a dark green salad with my lunch, or dinner. Including a little more whole grains, and dark greens in my diet can increase my folate, and thiamin intake. Adding a variety of vegetables to my diet may be a …show more content…
I included a cheat day on one of the days that I recorded my diet. Due to that, I was expecting my fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol intake levels to be way above the Recommended Dietary Allowance. However, I was not surprised that my fiber, and vitamin levels were below the recommended amount. It is clear that I need to add vegetables to my diet to increase the Recommended Dietary Allowance for fiber, and vitamins. My diet compared to “My Plate” guidelines show that vegetable, and dairy intake are incredibly low. In order to fall under the recommendation of “My Plate” I would have to triple my grains intake, double my vegetable intake, triple my dairy intake, and double my protein intake. This assignment definitely made me see that I barely consume vegetables, and that I need to make sure that I begin to incorporate them into my meals. Slowly I will begin to add whole grains, dairy, and vegetables to my meals to enhance my overall

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