The Three Christian Views Of Creation Essay

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List the three Christian views of creation as given in the lecture, and a brief description of each. The Young Earth View The Young Earth View holds that the universe, including all of life, was created by God in six 24-hour days. The Old Earth View The Old Earth View holds that the biblical account of creation was an extended historical event, the creation days being long periods of time. They agree with the findings of mainstream science that the universe and earth are billions of years old, but believe life appeared in stages as God gave the commands.

The Theistic Evolution View The Theistic Evolution View is the belief that life evolved as mainstream scientists say, but was empowered and directed by God.

Topic 2 includes required readings from the websites of each of the ministries supporting the three views.

1. The concept that humanity is created in the image of God may refer to a number of things. List four: two covered in the textbook and two covered in the lecture. The ability to sacrifice for others, a built-in sense of right and wrong, loving, just, and faithful.
2. What are the similarities between the scenes in Revelation 21:1-4 and the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2? The new heaven and earth sounds like the garden of Eden where there was no death, no tears, no crying or pain. A place where God dwells with his people. Presented as the throne room and temple of God (Dempster, 2003). “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with…

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