The Constitution: The Three Branches Of Government

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When the constitution was written in 1787 the three branches of government were established. Those were the judiciary, the executive, and the legislative. In the past three hundred years not much concerning the running of these has been changed. Each branch depends and checks on the others to create an even balance of power within the government. This was created specifically to make sure no one branch can take too much control over the others. The main goal of all three is to work together to establish a smooth running and efficient government system and uphold citizens rights.
Perhaps the most well known of all the branches is the executive. It holds the power to enforce law. The executive court holds power over the judicial court by the
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This branch contains the federal courts, the supreme court and the nine supreme court justices. The judicials job is to examine cases that come in relation to citizens rights and make decisions based on how the constitution is best interpreted. They decide how to interpret and apply law as well as being the decision maker to call a law out for being unconstitutional. The supreme court justices are nominated by the president and approved by the legislative by at least 51 votes. This is an example of one of the checks and balances of the system. The term is life for the justices that get appointed. This is all very relevant and everyone should know the process considering the next presidential election decides the person that will be appointing probably around four new supreme court judges, making the stakes even higher. (Morris, AlterNet.) If I had any control over the judicial branch my first decision would be to give set terms for supreme court justices. I don’t understand why every other position of power has set terms except for the justices. They are as equally powerful if not more so to the president, just by the years of their terms alone. The long terms often lead to justices that might not be as caught up as new blood in the system every few years could …show more content…
This is the branch the creates the laws. They also have the power to declare war, and confirm or deny presidential appointments. In the legislative is the senate and the house of representatives as well as other agencies. Senators are elected by states who each vote and elect two senators each for six year terms. This gives the senate one hundred members. The number of members from each state in the house of representatives is different, depending on the population size of the state the total number is currently 435. There is no limit for the terms legislators can hold. The thing about the legislative that I find most important for everyone to know is who exactly is representing you, .Do you know the names of the Texas congressmen? Not everyone does, and I think it is very important that they do. Know exactly who you voted for. The thing I would change in the legislative is very similar to the thing I would change in the judicial. The number of terms allowed. I think the allowance of multiple terms adds to the idea of government being an exclusive club. Rep. John Dingell for example has served for 57 years. (Roberts, CNN.) I think to keep the government healthy a steady stream of new blood is needed. It also gives more people the chance to make a difference and would maybe encourage people in office to make the most of it while they were there. In the most simple terms the executive branch enforces, the judicial evaluates, and the legislature

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