The Threats Posed By Climate Change And Natural Disasters Are Global Threats

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The threats posed by climate change and natural disasters are global threats. We are all harmed by various forms of pollution and climate change will affect us all to one degree or another . However these risks and harms are not equally shared—it is the poor who are most vulnerable to environmental degradation . The poor do not have access to good homes, environmentally safe neighbourhoods or adequate and healthy food supplies. But wealthy people, by contrast, have many more options to deal with these issues—they can, for example, eat organic food or move to less polluted communities. They also bear the brunt of the suffering caused by environmental disasters. In Somalia, one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries, droughts in 2000 left 21 people dead and 1.2 million people affected . Somalia’s lack of infrastructure, economic resources, and technology means that it has a very high vulnerability to environmental disasters. Reporting on the Nepal Earthquake of April 2015 for the Guardian, Jason Burke wrote: ‘what the thousands of victims share is that they are poor’ . The earthquake in Kathmandu destroyed, almost every older, brick and wood home—‘anyone who stayed in these could not afford better’ . One woman, Sahi whose home had collapsed commented ‘If we had money we would have built a strong house. But we had none. There is no place to go. There is no one to look after us. Life was hard for us already. I don’t want to be alive’. This situation is sadly…

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