The Threats Of Climate Change

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In today’s society, there are many issues that people come to have opinions about. The ideas and opinions of people are also becoming more and more spoken with the upcoming 2016 election. A big issue on people’s minds is climate change. This issue is not just something that relates to America, but relates to the world as a whole. The threat of climate change has produced two groups of people with different opinions on the subject. Some individuals consider this to be a very important issue, while others dismiss this as something that is not important. With so much information that is accessible on the internet, it is easy to see the facts showing that climate change is an issue and needs to be addressed in some way. The core definition of climate change is the long term change in the temperature of earth’s atmosphere. The main cause of this change is the fact that the population of the Earth is producing increasing amounts of carbon dioxide. Sources are finding that the average temperatures are getting very large compared to previous years. NASA is leading in the studying of climate change, and found that September 2016 was the warmest …show more content…
The thing that most of these have is common if reducing your own personal carbon dioxide output into the atmosphere. One of the ways to do this is by changing the way you travel places with your car. Your vehicle can produce up to 20 pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon, so investing in a fuel efficient car is helpful to our environment. Also, reducing car usage and using alternate transportation methods help greatly with this. The practice of recycling is also a great way to combat the flood of waste into the environment. Researchers have found that 3% of the gasses released into the environment come from waste alone. This means that recycling can drastically decrease the impact a person has on

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