The Threat Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essay

1005 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
For many years the conquest to eliminate the threat of weapons of mass destruction has been both a hobby and a major struggle for America. In recent light, yet not so recent, the struggle to rid Iran of its nuclear capabilities has seen heightened debate on whether a deal has the power to do so. Through a span of twelve years, this deal, most commonly referred to as the Iran deal, has seen negotiations with the five major members of the U.N. Within this deal there is a desire to eliminate the possibility for Iran to create nuclear weapons; by confiscating crucial necessities to the process plutonium and uranium, as well as implementing the supervision of U.N. officials at their nuclear facilities. However, with any deal, there are parties that disagree and parties that don’t. Those that agree with this Iran deal argue that there simply is no other deal to be had; though, on the other hand, many argue that another deal is crucial for protecting the interests of America. On the side of agreement, there is the stance that this deal is the best of all possible deals that are currently available for this situation. A writer like Gary Samore argues this position, adding that this deal postpones any threat in the near future; however, this is not an indefinite way to approach this issue. At the start of his article he assures that there is much confusion of Iran’s capabilities stating that “Under the tentative deal, Iran’s production of plutonium… along with enriched…

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