Essay on The Threat Of The United States

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Poverty is one reason. This is possible because by attacking us they thought that it could make them rich. However, they were from middle and upper class- so this does not make very much sense. Also, a lot of terrorist groups are from the middle and upper class, so this group is no different. They were not poor so this is unlikely.

Madrasas is are religious schools that is thought to be a breeding ground for terrorists. Well, not so much, most of their graduates never had major anti-western attacks. Plus, Laden went to different schools altogether. Therefore, this theory does not work.
They did not like us because we are freedom loving. If this were true why would they have not attacked another freedom loving countries? Like England, Paris, or Sweden.
In the 70s we founded the taliban to fight against the afghanistan government, Laden could have came out of The Taliban and Al Qaeda came out of that so we could have made Laden. Laden could have been a creation by the CIA. Laden was one of the people who moved to Afghanistan when the CIA was there in 1979. This is not supported by evidence. The CIA did not even know of how bad he was until 1996.
Weak and failing states are attractions for terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. They moved from Sudan to Afghanistan which was a failing country. However, Al Qaeda did most of their planning in Hamburg, Germany. They got most of their military in the west.
Saudi financiers. Although there is no evidence that they funded Al Qaeda,…

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