The Threat Of The United States Essay

1166 Words May 19th, 2015 5 Pages
Can one be threatened by the actions brought up due to ones religion? Or is one threatened at the fact that other religions do not follow the same principles as their religion? This could justify ones actions on taking their religion to the extreme because, in today’s modern society, ISIS believes they are a “major” threat to society. Yet, are they as big a threat as they may seem? ISIS has one weakness that they expose: to receive attention from the United States. ISIS wants the U.S. to recognize them, but since they are not a threat, President Obama will not give them importance because they truly do not do any harm. Al Qaeda on the other hand, was a major threat. They wanted to create a “Taliban” like society. The word Taliban means students, so Al Qaeda wanted to live in a nation that followed their moral principles. This made Al Qaeda vulnerable because everyone knew their only goal was to turn society into their own mini army. Religious extremism is not a global threat in today’s society. This is demonstrated by rational responses by Anti ISIS militant groups such as the Anti Isis Army that want to end the reign of ISIS, and is also supported by the fact that ISIS poses no threat to the world. ISIS may seem like a large and dangerous terrorist group, but they are not. They are nowhere near Al Qaeda, in terms of being a threat. ISIS has not killed as many people as other terrorist groups. “Fewer people have been killed by ISIS…” (Woodward 1). ISIS metaphorically…

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