The Threat Of The United States Essay

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Introduction. The United States is the premier superpower in the world. Since World War II the United States technology and capabilities far exceed that of any other country in the world. That distinction bears the weight of making the United States a highly sought after target for other nations who seek to gain information and knowledge about the United States for purposes such as applying that intelligence to their own military operations and capabilities or; worst case scenario, to attempt to cause damage to the United States. Three of the most formidable nations posing a threat to the United States today are China, Russia and Iran. Each of these countries and their government has their own purpose and motivation to collect intelligence on the United States, ranging from the desire to steal technology from corporations and the government to the desire to destroy the entire United States infrastructure. Of these three nations, each one poses their own distinct threat to the national security of the United States. In order to better understand which of these nations poses the greatest threat one must understand what motivation and capabilities each one possesses and then make an assessment based on the gathering of facts and critical analysis of all the collective variables. In this paper, we will examine each country to better understand how these variables make each country a threat; and determine which country poses the greatest threat to United States national…

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