Essay about The Threat Of The United States

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War has played a huge role in shaping the history of mankind. For most nations that have been formed throughout history, they saw the best and worst times of their country shaped by the power they either gained or lost from how powerful their army was. Present day America has the strongest military in the world, and is also the top-spender in the military field. Since people in America are used to being on top, once another militarial force makes itself known, they feel threatened. Because of this, some believe that Russia and ISIS are the biggest threats to the United States. However, others believe that the greatest threat to America is the mindset that Americans have and the internal divisions of the country. Contrary to some beliefs that groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are the most dangerous threat to America, the divisions in the US and the mindset the citizens have threaten America the most. No person in America can argue that stress levels in America are at an all-time high right now, with all the recordings of police involvements surfacing online. For example, says that “776 people killed by police so far in 2015, 161 of them unarmed” (Mint Press News Desk). This shows growing divisions between government/police forces and the citizens of America, which could be a threat to the United States. How can one justify that terrorist organizations are the most dangerous thing to America, when we have such huge problems and number of deaths due to…

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