Essay about The Threat Of The Terrorist Group Islamic State ( Isi )

1246 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Tackling terrorist venin becomes unstoppable for democratic countries, every day young people from Western states traveling to go to Syria to help terrorists’ organization fight against the developed countries. Since the emergence of the terrorist group Islamic State (ISI) in 2014, it seems that their network have grown and become more inspiring. In addition, American citizens have influenced by their ideology some travel to Syria to fight and others carried local attacks. This situation has threat national security and worried US lawmakers. There are two challenging elements presented: the social establishment and the physical structure.
Providing security usually comes with high price tags—the threat of civil liberty—in democratic society, which can be controversial to the social ideology. In the September 11 attacks when terrorists high jacked three different American Airline planes and crashed two of them in the highest building in New York, City (World Trade Center), this event has changed U.S. official perspectives on national security. In the aftermath to capture all terrorists, government official, without any reluctance, enacted laws (the Patriot Act) to strengthen security. This act has some controversial laws, which affect threaten civil liberties. On the one hand, supporters for the act argue, “It will increase federal law enforcement’s ability to respond to terrorism and will create an intelligence conduit among local, state, and federal police agencies.”…

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