The Threat Of Silent Earthquakes By Peter Cervelli Essay

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Once I started reading the first paragraph of the article written by Peter Cervelli “The Threat of Silent Earthquakes” it immediately drew me in. I was fascinated and alarmed by what I had just read. The fact that an earthquake with a 5.7 magnitude hit near a volcano where people visit every day and went unnoticed just blew me away (Cervelli). It is a blessing that the earthquake didn’t cause any devastation that day, but why did it not and if it had then how can we prepare for such a natural disaster? The article piqued my interest early and I had to read on to find out the answer to these questions. An earthquake is a terrifying natural disaster. The fact that a silent earthquake happened of that magnitude and didn’t cause the whole ground to shake raises questions as to how did this happen. It is important for us to find out as much about them so we can better understand the impacts it will have and hopefully provide early warning systems to notify the population. The U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory were able to observe the silent earthquake thanks to their network of sensitive instruments to monitor the volcano’s activity (Cervelli). The technologies used are Global Positioning System receivers that are placed along the slopes of active volcanoes (Cervelli). They work by communicating with over 30 navigational satellites and they have the ability to tell their position on Earth’s surface within millimeters site (Cervelli). It is through the use of…

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