The Threat Of Predator Control Programs Essay example

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Predator control programs have killed hundreds of native animal species in hopes to benefit livestock producers and to enhance game populations. However, the animals they are killing, beavers, wolves, and many other carnivores, are important benefactors of ecosystems. Bradley Bergstrom said in his article “License to Kill” that “leading ecologists have concluded that many of the world’s pandemics, irruptions of undesirable species and collapses of desirable ones, and destabilization of ecosystems…have been caused by the loss of apex predators” (et al. 131). The loss of major apex predators is due to predator control, which once started creates a malicious cycle of deterioration in the ecosystem that is hard to reverse. Although many people believe that lethal predator control is the most immediate and safest approach to eliminating the undesirable outcomes of having predatory wild animals in an area, the killing of predators is ineffective over long periods of time and causes rapid deterioration of the local ecosystem.
Predator control is not effective over long periods of time, making it extremely superfluous and time-consuming. To illustrate, the killing of local established predators allows for migrating predators to create new homes. For example, Coyote hunting usually involves killing the whole population located in an area not just a selective few which “can create temporary local expirations, soon attracting immigrants that experience dramatically higher…

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