Essay about The Threat Of North Korea

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Leaders of countries propose threats but does not carry out the threatening actions. The threat is not followed through because the country is scared of retaliation or because they simply do not have the power to successfully implement their plans. Third world countries are typical for making threats that cannot be carried out(). Major threats cannot be carried out because many third world countries lack the proper resources. For example, Iraq threatened the United states in 2013. Iraq was not powerful enough to withstand the firepower of the United States because the Iraqi troops did not adequate weapons or training. Due to the lack of training of the Iraqi troops, the United States easily won the war. Iraq was unable to follow through with their threat because they did not have the resources needed to win the war. One of today’s most recognizable controversies between two countries are North Korea and the United States. North Korea has sent many threats to the United States, but has not carried them out. North Korea cannot carry out their threats because they lack resources. North Korea has been a threat due to the backing of the Soviet Union, but after the Soviet Union failed North Korea’s Economy has went down. North Korea was a second world country, but after the fall of the Soviet Union, North Korea became a third world country. North Korea depended too much on the funds from the Soviet Union that they did not worry about making their own money. North Korea leached…

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