Nazi Response To Ww2

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Three of the main countries with dictators that posed a threat to world peace were
Japan, Germany, and Italy. Japan 's threat began with confusion over whether they should be following the example of the Western democracies like Britain, France, and
America or if they should be following the fascist dictatorships like Germany and Italy.
The decision finally came to head in the mid 1930s when the very imperial minded
Japanese military decided to take matters into their own hands. At that point the civilian government of Japan was ignored and the military began overrunning places like
Manchuria as well as the majority of eastern China which obviously threatened world peace. Then in Italy the fascist party was brought up by Benito Mussolini. The
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AS everyone knows Hitler then became corrupt, rebuilt the
German military, and broke the treaty of Versailles by invading. Western democracies responded to all of this craziness by putting into place the Western policy of appeasement which was fairly superficial and didn’t do much but start war. Some of the Western democracies even responded by cutting off all of their ties with these now corrupt countries. 2. Natzi aggression lead Europe to war because what hitler wanted was Europe and he wanted all of it. This all came prevalent when the German troops came into Austria in the late 1930s. It also didn 't help that when Hitler broke the treaty of versailles through doing this that none of the Western power were concerned nor did they act on it. Hitler then also invading Slovakia, hit the nerves of Western civilizations because Hitler had broken yet another promise. The Western democracies then decided and pledged to protect Poland. With this the dictators felt threatened so, Hitler and Stalin then teamed up to form the Natzi‐Soviet pact making an even bigger threat than they already were alone, which lead to all out war in

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