The Threat From Logic And Compassion Essay

1688 Words Oct 14th, 2016 7 Pages
Most humans do not possess the strength to separate fears from logic and compassion. Fear, in itself, is something that can take over the human mind in ways that other emotions cannot. If we look back anytime during history, we can see populations committing atrocities that violate the very core values of humanity which makes us wonder “How can someone ever think or do something like this?” What many men and women fail to realize is they too may also do the same exact action if put into the shoes of citizens living in that moment. The common man could say easily that Hitler was a horrible human being but the common folk themselves elected him into the positon of a leader, allowing him to carry out his mass genocide. Even today in American society the loudest voices advocate for a ban on Muslims from entering the United States, which horrifyingly echoes a past where we stopped Asian immigration. Worse of all, the very enemy in which we were fighting used tactics we employed because of fear to those that were seen as enemies. In Germany, Europe and north Africa, people who were of Jewish decent were gathered in concentration camps and killed. In America, we avoided the mass killing happening across the world but we hardly hesitated to gather those we feared. Across the western half of the United States, Japanese citizens were gathered and relocated to specified camps ready to occupy the prevailing fear of scared nationalists. One of these camps originated from a location not…

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