The Thousand And One Nights Essay

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When people hear of a king they immediately envision someone who is ought to be powerful, whom everyone can look up to. They visualize someone who is knowledgeable and wise. Everyone assumes that for a king to be successful he needs to gain his respect of his kingdom and not be question whatsoever. No one ever imagines someone that can come and change the king’s perspective for good. No one believes someone, a woman, can overpower a king by only using words. In The Thousand and One Nights, Shahrazad is shown to be more educated and wise, because of her knowledge she was able to change the king’s perception towards women.
In the beginning of this literature, Shahrazad is introduced into the story as a wise woman due to her education. “Shahrazad, had read the books of literature, philosophy, and medicine… she was intelligent, knowledgeable, wise and refined” (pg. 414). Shahrazad knew that in some way she had to take advantage of all her knowledge and use it to convince the king that not all women are the same. She knew that all her years of studying and learning were the key to stop all the killings. It was her power of education against a foolish king that would help her change his way of thinking. She needed to show him that there is more to life than only one bad experience. Daniel Beaumont wrote, “Perhaps she will find a way to stop the slaughter” (pg. 15). Shahrazad believed in herself and she knew she could convince the king to stop killing. Shahrazad trusted in herself…

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