The Thought Police Off The Narodnvi Kommissariat By George Orwell

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George Orwell based the Thought Police off the Narodnvi Kommissariat Vnutrennikh Del or NKVD, who arrested citizens of the Soviet Union who had rebellious actions or statements (Willans). George Orwell prophesied the use of horrific techniques to implement governmental control in his novel, 1984, regarding a totalitarian government that prohibits any ideas outside their own, through the use of the Thought Police’s predictive analytic technology, audio detection software, and constant surveillance.
Companies in today’s society are reaping the benefits from utilizing analytical data to archive their customers’ psychological desires and purchases, to track what they are going to purchase. Similar, to the Thought Police, archiving information about the citizens of Oceania in order to predict if they possess pure loyalty to Big Brother, from their previous actions. On the contrary, surveillance and audio in today 's society are used to capture citizen’s physiology statistics. Technology today provides various amounts of entertainment, communication, and data, but citizens are being neglected their personal privacy. Every time an individual clicks on a specific item, website, or even hovers the mouse over a shirt on an online catalog, companies are mindful and document the data. Information Insecurity: Privacy under Siege depicts the initial goals of major companies possessing “little interest in protecting your or my privacy” and many “tech companies have a clear economic motive…

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