The Thirteen Settlements Of The United States Essay

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The thirteen settlements that turned into the USA were initially states of Great Britain. Great Britain at that time had numerous colonies throughout the world and its control was stretched rather thinly. Therefore, in order to controls these colonies throughout the world they had to take extreme measures. These extreme measures generally frightened the colonists and caused numerous rebellions throughout the world not just in the American Colonies. The British were unable to handle the American colonists and started to impose taxation that was meant to bring the colonists to their knees and repent. It was an extreme measure by the British to let the colonist know that they were in charge in of the colonists and that the colonists were not in charge of the Americas. When the American Revolution occurred, the natives of these provinces were starting to become weary of British rule and strongly wanted to be free from British rule. Disobedience and discontent were rampant throughout the colonies as the British tightened their hold on the colonies. For those individuals who saw the adjustment in the American government and society as a genuine Revolution. However, the Revolution was basically one based on financial reasons not moral reasons. The fundamental reason the provinces began defying 'mother England ' was the tax assessment issue. The states bantered about England 's legitimacy to tax them and the colonist had no desire to be taxed without representation. In other…

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