Essay about The Thirteen American Colonies From The British Empire

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Throughout the years 1765-1783 the Thirteen American Colonies separated from the British Empire and their ruling in hope to form a strong, stable independent nation of their own, which is now known as the United States of America according to Political Thought In America. During this time the people of the Thirteen American Colonies were left with two options, which were to either remain loyal to the British government and their ruling or rebel. The colonists who chose to remain loyal to Great Britain were known as Loyalists and the colonists who chose the patriotic approach and rebel against the government were known as Revolutionaries.
The Loyalists such as Samuel Seabury felt as though the strive for independence was bad, according to The Letters of a Westchester Farmer, Samuel Seabury, an outspoken loyalist, warned the colonists of the result disobedience would bring about; he quoted “Anarchy, riots, and brutal force”. Samuel Seabury uses the words Independency and colony, to explain the actual contradictory they possess. Samuel Seabury evaluation of England’s system of government and England’s relations to the colonies like several other loyalist were in of the British Empire. According to The Letters of a Westchester Farmer, Samuel Seabury said “As soon as a colony becomes independent on its parent state, it ceases to be any longer a colony; just as when you kill a sheep, you cease to spare him. The British colonies make a part of the British Empire As parts of the…

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