The Third Communication Key Objective Essay

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The third Communication key objective is research, which interestingly enough is where I learned about how to see things from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Research is a process that takes several steps it can be started off my asking yourself a meaningful question. Research is a distinctively human process through which researchers make knowledge. This takes several steps that can involve several methods. Since you cannot solely rely on one method to answer to every question out there. Methods can be viewed at as one of the several weapons we have in our artillery when conducting a research. A couple of examples are interviews, focus groups, surveys, field notes and video tapes. These are a few methods used when asking and answering meaningful questions that also require vigorous criteria. The goal however is to bring in new data and understanding to the world we all live in. But in order to get there you have to make sure your literature review is solid. The resources and data you collect has to be truthful, and you have to ask open ended questions to get a great start on your research. The class I decided to use for this learning objective was Communications 208 with Dr. Viramontes this class really elaborated and engraved what research is. The research paper I conducted in this class will show my ability to demonstrate my understanding of research using the long but detailed definition of research up above.

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