Essay on The Third Allotropic Form Of Carbon Compounds

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In general, Buckminster Fullerenes are the third allotropic form of Carbon, with the other two being Graphite and Diamond. The more proper term used to describe these compounds in regards to Carbon compounds would be Graphenes. (22)
The Buckminster Fullerene was first discovered in 1985 by scientists Harold Kroto, Rickard Smalley and Robert Curl. (1) They were able to discover that when Graphite is vaporized by a laser, a variety of large Carbon cluster compounds were formed, the C60 compound or Buckminster Fullerene, being the most abundant. (1) The other Fullerenes found were C28 C32, C44 and C78. The C60 compound was named after Buckminster Fuller, as he was responsible for the creation of many geodesic domes, which resemble the C60 compound, hence Buckminster Fullerene. (3) This discovery by the three scientists of the third allotropic form of Carbon, lead to them receiving the 1996 Noble Prize in Chemistry. (1) The overall structural properties of the Buckminster Fullerene are that of truncated icosahedrons with a total of 20 hexagonal faces and 12 pentagonal faces making up the overall skeletal structure. (5) (23)
This geometry allows the Fullerense to be very stable as well as being resilient. For example, the C60 compound can be fired at a high velocity against a steel surface and bounce off, retaining its structure. (##) Each of the Carbon atoms is sp3 hybridized forming three sigma bonds to other Carbons atoms. The remaining electron used in the…

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