Essay on The Things They Carried

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The personal responsibility towards influencing in action of saving the natural world resource is as simple as doing a few things in our daily life activity. There are so many ways and methods of living simple life to maintain natural resourece and conserve energy around our house holds such as limiting time frame to save gas driven machines like dishwasher , lawnmower , etc. Another example of saving energy is riding bikes , taking a walk , using public transportation are few of many actions that can save our natural resources as an individual.
Natural resources are divided in to two major catagories based on their necessities in the ecosysytem. These are called biodiversity , they are usefull for our living, like forest , terrestrial
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The burning of coal have so many harmful effects in the our ecosystem because of the chemical that is release from reaction of coal with fire. carbon monoxide is the main product of burning of coal. So many natural resources , both bio and geo diversity, are affected by this poisonous gas. To mention some of the main concerns that our world facing are , the pollution of water , the destruction of ozone which causes climate change of the world . Climate change or global warming is our biggest fear to present time and future because of the burning of coal. Inspite of its destruction effect to our environment, the use of coal have been increase in our time . We can also see that the destruction effect of burning of coal is not only effective at the final use , but also it is dangereou while it is in the process of mining. The chemical that come out in the mining process is very dangereou for human or any living in general.
There are a number of things that should be done by any individual or big governmental institutes . Replacing of energy sources are the major and successful management of natural resources. Its every individual right and responsibility to act toward maintaining and saving our eco-system. Its big corporate and government responsibility to support wide and distinctive research towards this big issue and make their own policies and laws that can protect our natural

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